Understanding the main pages on the platform
In this section we will go through the main pages on the platform.

Dashboard Page
When you login to the platform you will automatically be redirected to the Dashboard page. On this page you will be able to:
Track invoices you have previously approved
Upload invoices
View your future cash outflows
Hedge currency risk (currently an on-request feature)

Discounting Page
If you have unutilised cash that isn’t generating any return, you can use Discounting to deploy that cash to suppliers early in exchange for an invoice discount (i.e a return). On this page you can setup your own invoice discounting strategies and track all invoices that have been discounted through these strategies.

Invoice Confirmation
If you've chosen to allow your suppliers to upload invoices for approval, the invoices they submit will be available here for you to review and approve/reject. Note that if you allow your suppliers to upload invoices then you will not be able to upload invoices with similar references.
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