Selling Invoices as Invoice Seller

In order to sell an invoice that is outstanding, use the radio buttons to the left of the table to select invoices you wish to sell and press the “Sell” button at the bottom right of the dashboard. The amount you will receive for an invoice is called the “Selling Price”.

After pressing the “Sell” Button, you will be presented with a Review Screen showing all the invoices you have chosen and the total amount of money you will receive for selling these invoices.

The funds will be sent to the bank account that was verified during registration and this can be viewed in the field below. If you have registered multiple bank accounts, you can chose from them using a drop down list.

The platform will automatically generate a reassignment contract confirming that the rights and title of the account receivables (invoices) is being sold from yourself to funders on the Finverity platform. This also includes a full breakdown of all invoices that are part of this transaction and can be downloaded from your dashboard and from this screen:

You will use an electronic signature to sign this contract which you draw using your mouse.
By accepting our terms and conditions you confirm that irrevocably, by pressing the “Sign Contract & Submit” button on this screen you legally bound to accept the indicated payment for your receivables and re-assign these to Finverity.

After submitting your invoices they will become visible to funders for financing. This process normally takes up to 30 minutes but in rare cases can take a maximum of 7 days. If an invoice is not fully funded within 7 days we will remove the invoice from funding and notify you to either re-sell the invoice for a lower selling price or wait for payment at maturity as you would normally do in the absence of the Finverity system.

Once your invoice has been fully funded by investors, the money will be sent to an account where you can withdraw from with the click of a button. Please use the “Active Invoices” Tab for this purpose, located at the top of the platform.

All invoices that have been funded will be presented here.

Select the invoices using the radio button to the left of the table and press “Withdraw Funds” at the bottom right of the table.

This screen will also include all invoices that are currently pending in a separate table underneath where you can monitor their progress:

When the “Withdraw Funds” button is pressed, this will send a signal via our system for a payment to be made to your account for the Selling Price of the selected invoice. You will get the following success screen and the funds will be on their way!

This can take between 5 minutes and 48 hours depending on the country and the currency in which money is sent.

All tables on Finverity’s platform are fully searchable and sortable and include different filters based on status and calendars for your convenience. You can also scroll down to view invoices that are not in the first screen you view using your mouse wheel button or the bar to the right of the table.

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