Selling Invoices
Not all your invoices are eligible to sell. To instantly view invoices that are eligible to sell, select the "Outstanding" status in the Dashboard table as shown below. This will instantly filter the dashboard table to only show the invoices that have been confirmed by your buyers (invoice payers) and are eligible to sell.

Step 1: Select the invoices you want to sell
As shown below, select the invoices you want to sell and click the sell button.

Step 2: Select the bank account to receive payment
Once you click the "Sell" button you will be redirected to a confirmation page. in this page you will be able to review and confirm the invoices you want to sell. Once you are happy with the information you will need to select the bank account (as shown below) you want the proceeds from the sale of your invoices to be sent.

Only validated bank accounts will be available to select.
Payments will be made in the currency denomination of the bank account you choose to send your payment to. You can use the FX module to estimate how much you will receive.
For each payment you receive from us a payment fee of £2-£14 will be levied by correspondent and intermediary banks. To help minimise these fees we aggregate investor payments to you daily. We do this at 21.00 London Time and send you a detailed report showing you all the payments we’ve made and their associated fees.

Step 3: Sign the form
Once you have selected a bank account, all that is left to do is to sign the order form. The order form is your confirmation that you would like your invoices sold for the given selling price. See below on how to sign the order form.

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