Uploading Invoices

You will not need to upload invoices if your buyer has agreed to upload them. All invoices you upload will be sent to the respective buyers for confirmation before you can sell them.

Step 1 : Click the Upload Invoice button on the Dashboard

Step 2 : Select and upload the invoice file
Use the "Attach" button to select an invoice or a group of invoices you want to upload or drag and drop the invoice(s) into the highlighted area. Please note that the invoices you upload will be sent to the payer for confirmation. To avoid any delays please ensure the details you submit are accurate.

Step 3 : Complete all the fields required

Invoice payer
Select the buyer/invoice payer that relates to the invoice. If the payer is not listed in the dropdown please contact us.

Invoice reference number
Enter the unique number you would use to identify this invoice. Please note that you will not be able to upload invoices which have duplicate reference numbers.

Issue date
Select the date you issued the invoice.

Goods delivery date
Select the date you delivered the goods/services

Maturity date
Select the date your buyer is expected to pay you.

Select the currency of the invoice.

Invoice amount
Enter the face value of the invoice.

Length of the relationship with the invoice payer
Select the difference in time from now to when you first became a supplier to this invoice payer.

Goods/service delivered
Enter the goods/services you sold to this buyer (invoice payer).

Optionally you can attach the purchase order related to the invoice. We will also share the purchase order you attach with the payer for verification.

Submit your Invoice
Once you're done click the'Submit' button to submit your invoice.

Save to Draft
If you are not ready to submit your invoice you can save your changes by clicking here. You will be able to access your saved drafts by clicking the document icon in the menu (next to the notifications icon).
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