Uploading Invoices as Invoice Seller

After your account has been fully checked and activated you will gain access to full functionality.

Invoices will be presented in your Dashboard.
Your Dashboard can be used an Invoices management tool where you can upload and view both invoices outstanding to your clients and funded on the Finverity platform.

These will be uploaded by your client (we will get all the Account Payable Data from your client and populate your dashboard accordingly) or uploaded by you manually using the “Upload Invoice” Button at the bottom right of the dashboard.

If you Upload an invoice yourself, you will have to wait for your client to confirm this Invoice before being able to sell it.

How to upload your invoices manually

Upload a Jpeg, PDF or Excel file containing the actual invoice.

Fill in the Invoice Information in the fields below. If our system has pre-filled the information please be sure to check this is correct. Optical Character Recognition is not always 100% precise!

Submit the invoice or save it as a draft to submit later.

You can add multiple invoices at the same time by uploading multiple files during step a. or by pressing the Add Invoice Icon.
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