Uploading Invoices

Step 1: Collapse the Upload Module
To view the upload invoices module you will need to collapse the 'Upload invoices' dropdown on the Dashboard page as shown below.

Step 2: Select one of the upload options
You will have two upload options as shown below.

Only Upload (Default Option)
If you were to select this option, the system would first request supplier permissions before selling the invoices you upload.
Upload and Sell
If you have already agreed with all your suppliers that all their invoices will be automatically sold then you can select this option and all the invoices you upload will automatically be sold to interested investors.

Step 3: Download the invoice upload template
Download the invoice upload template we provide (as shown below).

Step 4: Export invoices from your billing software
Sign in to your billing software and export the invoices you want to upload to Finverity. Only export invoices you are committed to pay on maturity. Once you have exported the invoices copy the invoice data you exported into the template you downloaded earlier. Below are the definitions of the columns included in the invoice template and detail of which fields are mandatory.

Step 5: Upload the invoices
Once you have copied all the required data into the invoice template, upload it back to the platform as shown below.

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